Cross Country Scoring Software

Example team scoring page

Example team scoring page


Requires Microsoft Excel 2000 or later

What’s in the spreadsheet:

Once you open the Excel file you’ll see 4 sheets:

  1. Entrants
    This is where you’ll enter the runners for each school. Do this before race day.
  2. Score
    This is where you’ll enter the results of a race.
  3. Places
    This will automatically be filled with the individual results of the race.
  4. TeamResults
    This is where the team results are calculated. Click the “Generate Results” button to start the calculation process.

Work Flow:

  1. Pre-race
    1. You’ll need to request a list of runners from each competing school. They’ll need to send you the runners first and last name and their grade. You won’t need to know what race they’re running in or their gender.
    2. Enter the information in the “Entrants” sheet. You’ll enter every runner into this list regardless of what race they’ll end up running in.  Fill the Team, Name and Grade columns, the Bib column will fill automatically.  If you want to use Bib numbers other than those automatically generated you can fill them in manually.
    3. Each coach will need this list so they can have their runners wear that bib number during the race.
    4. Once the list of runners has been entered you’ll have a “master” spread sheet (I usually leave it named CC.xls) that you can copy to the spreadsheets that’ll be used during each race.
    5. Practice a mock race to make sure you understand how everything works. You won’t want any surprises during the race. Follow step 2 below for details on how to run your test.
  2. Race day
    1. Copy the “master” sheet to individual files for each race. I usually create files called JHBoys.xls, JHGirls.xls, JVBoys.xls, JVGirls.xls, VBoys.xls and VGirls.xls. You can do this before race day but often coaches will come to you on race day and want to make changes to the list of runners they gave you earlier.
    2. After each race finishes open the appropriate .xls file and have someone read you the bib numbers and times so you can enter them on the “Score” page. When entering the times enter them without any punctuation. So a time of 17:05.04 would be entered “170504”. The entries have to be made in order of finish. Be careful if you need to move cells around as Excel likes to adjust the formulas based on that.
    3. Once you’ve finished entering the data into the “Score” sheet you can switch to the “Places” sheet and print that for posting. You may want to change the title of that page to make it easier to identify which race it represents. *
    4. Switch to the “TeamResults” sheet and press the “Generate Results” button. That will calculate the team results and create a sheet ready for printing. You can then click the “Print team results” button to send that page to the printer. Or you could click the “Print both team and individual results” button to print both pages in one document.*


On the laptop I use for scoring I have a print-to-pdf print driver installed (CutePDF) that I use when printing the results. That way I have .pdf files of each race that I can use for reprints for coaches and newspapers. It also allows me to easily email the results to coaches after the race.

If you find this program useful please consider mailing a small donation ($5 – $20) to the Albany Cross Country program. Make checks payable to “Cross Country Coach” and mail it to:

Albany Area Public School
Attn: Cross Country Coach
30 Forest Ave
Albany MN, 56307

If you find any mistakes, have any suggestions or make any improvements please let me know what and I’ll incorporate them into the next version.

This software is licensed under the GPLv3 (

Use at your own risk.

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